Anti-Theft Alarm For Bicycle With Motion Detection

If you love to ride down to your downtown with bicycle, you might interested in this new anti-theft alarm. I’m sure you have equipped yourself with padlocks and chains, but if it’s not enough you can install this Alarm from Virtual Village.


But judging from its look on the picture above, how do the alarm functioning when thieve are getting close to your bicycle? This Anti-theft alarm has been equipped with motion detection to detect movement around the bicycle. If it stay long enough without disarming the alarm, it will emit loud noise at 8db for 15 seconds, and keep repeating itself if the ‘object’ is not moving away.

To disarm the alarm, there is a A/B/C buttons where you can input up to 4 combination key. This sounds nice, but let’s hope there won’t be any deaf animals near the street or they will be the be the one that trigger the alarm, not the theft.

[via VirtualVillage]

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