Cute Mini Bag USB Flash Drive Is Perfect For Geeky Diva

Lady with geek tastes might love to get one of this Mini Bag USB Flash drive with fake gem studded. The USB drive can store 8GB of data, and it’s properly hidden inside the bag case when not in use.


Running on USB 2.0 Interface, it can transfer at the speed of 480mbps at max. Yep, it’s sad why the creator won’t make it as USB 3.0 version instead to add a future-proof feature. USB 2.0 has gradually decreasing in demand since USB 3.0 proof to be faster and reliable. But if you not the type to chase for the cutting edge technology, this Mini Bag USB flash drive should be pretty fulfilling.

If you are going to get one, it’s going to cost you $21.47 at FocalPrice.

[via Gizmodiva]

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