Thanko Highlighter Pen HDMI Video HD Camcorder

It’s not really a spy gadget, but you can count it as one. Thanko’s HDMI Video Pen HD Camcorder is taking the shape of a highlighter pen that you can slip into your the pocket of your shirt without being notice as a video HD camcorder.


This Thanko HDMI Video Pen HD Camcorder can take picture with its 7-Megapixels camera sensor and record video in 720p format for 30 minutes long per-file, while the battery life is longer at 5 hours per charge.

For storage, this Video Pen can hold one microSDHC card. Sadly, you’ll have to keep pushing the record button every 30-minute recording cycle as the system can’t support file with duration longer than 30-minute. But I guess that shouldn’t be a problem.

Recorded video will be in QuickTime .MOV format, so you might want to buy a converter if you plan to play it on your HDTV that has not support to .MOV file. Connection to your HDTV has been made easy too since this HDMI Video Pen HD camcorder has a dedicated mini-HDMI connector.

Thanko HDMI Video Pen HD camcorder is currently available for $120 directly from GeekStuff4U.

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