Fridgeezoo: Refrigerator’s Best Companion


If you found yourself a family member that love to let the door of your refrigerator open after usage, you might interested on something like this Fridgeezoo from Japan. It’s a nice little milk pack-like device that featuring handful of fun animal design. But what it could do aside from its cute looking? Fridgeezoo will serve as a kind of ‘alarm’ to tell you that you should close the refrigerator’s door when you’ve let open for a long period. Also, it will greet you warmly (despite of the cold weather inside the fridge!) every time you open the fridge door. Pretty cool!


Unfortunately, these little milk pack guys are not a native speaker in English. They only speak in Japanese so you have to learn that rising sun language before you can understand what Fridgeezoo is talking about.

Fridgeezoo is available for $38.72 at GeekStuff4U. If you care about saving electricit bill and living a greener life, Fridgeezoo might be a nice investment to stop the leak. Since it’s a Japanese product, so you should wait for about 5 to 10 working days to let it ship from Japan to your door.

[via GeekAlerts]

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