Zip and Dry Apron – Definitely Cool Idea


Moms might love this Zip and Dry Apron. The Apron has been sewed together with a zip that you can zip in a removable towel when you are working in the kitchen. That’s mean you don’t have to carrying the towel here and there with your hand because it will stay intact with the apron and easily reachable when trying to mop something. When the towel get dirty, just unzip it and throw it to the washing machine to clean it up.

The revolutionary Zip&Dry™ apron combines a stylish apron with a quick zip removable, machine washable towel in a beautiful, one size fits most design. Simultaneously stay clean and clean surfaces as you go. Great for quickly drying utensils and countertops. Features adjustable straps and high absorbent towel. 100% cotton.

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