Marvel Edition Xbox Versus Fighting GamePad

With the Marvel Vs Capcom 3 released, lots of fans has fork out their money to buy this new game, as well as the new accessories like controller so they can play a better game. Guess Marvel themselves don’t want to miss this opportunity to make money, they’ve just launched a new fighting controller for Xbox 360, which looks pretty promising for your finger bashing madness.


The Controller is known as Marvel Edition Xbox Versus Fighting GamePad, and it’s been properly ‘dressed’ with struggling superheroes illustration. Aside from the distinctive theme, this fighting controller is also different from the regular Xbox 360 controller. In this Xbox Versus Fighting GamePad, all of the shoulder buttons has been moved and aligned together with ABXY buttons, no second analog stick but one of them has been exchange with a high precision joystick.

Guess what, this Marvel edition Xbox Versus Fighting GamePad is really made for fighting only. Since it’s lack of the second analog stick and d-pad, you won’t be able to play FPS games like CoD or Medal of Honor.

This Marvel Edition Xbox Versus Fighting GamePad is available for $39.99 only, plus the game at $49.25 if you haven’t own one yet.

[Press Release via Kotaku]

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