NEC Launching HS100-10, The World’s First Contactless Hybrid Fingerprint Scanner

Fingerprint scanner is a great device, but it also a dirtiest device in the world when you think of the hundreds of people who’ve used the scanner. We have no idea who’s got virus, bacteria, germs on their fingers and they just innocencely sweep their fingers and let them spread to the others who touch the scanner. Well, that’s all because we need to ‘touch’ the scanner. Which mean, if we can verify our identity without having to touch, that would be a peace of mind.


Yes, that’s what NEC has to offer in this weekend on Pulse 2011. They’ve made a special fingerprint scanner with advanced technology to scan our vein characteristics without having to sweep your finger to the sensor.

This fingerprint scanner is codenamed as HS100-10, which also known as the contactless scanner that wouldn’t let any germs on the surface to stick on your finger. That would be wonderful if the government can start using this type of fingerprint scanner for the public places and elsewhere because we won’t freak out again when trying to scan our finger.

NEC has planned to ship this HS100-10 contactless fingerprint scanner in this May, but we have no pricing detail for this scanner yet.

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