IQ Alarm Clock – Snooze Alarm With IQ, Not Button

Designers keeps coming up with weird clock designs that try to keep our ass of our bed once the time has up. We have seen many alarm clock design in the past, some designs remained designs but some have become real products, too. Now here is a new alarm clock called IQ Alarm, which I think it’s too cool to be true to make sure that we won’t back to sleep once the alarm goes off.


IQ Alarm Clock is a special digital clock with large display like a tablet. But what’s make it special is not the display, it is the system inside.


Normally, an alarm clock should have snooze button, but IQ Alarm clock has no such thing. When the alarm goes off, you must solve 3 tricky IQ test questions before you can stop the screams. Now, after solve puzzle and question, I guess there is no way that we can go back to sleep again as our head has been cleared from the sleepiness. Wonderful.

[via YankoDesign]

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