MSi WindPad 110W Windows-Based Tablet

This year CeBIT will drive MSI to unveil their new tablet device called WindPad 110W. 110W is not the value for the power consumption (110Watt), it’s purely a coincidence. MSI WindPad 110W tablet is yet another tablet running Windows 7 OS on its core, while the powerhouse is using AMD dual core C-50 APU processor and Radeon HD 6310 GPU.


We are not sure how strong this AMD dual core C-50 CPU is, but it should be in the line with dual core Tegra 2 or Qualcomm dual core CPU. As for the other specification, MSI WindPad 110W is said to have 32GB SSD storage, G-sensor, ambient light sensor, WiFi and more.

No pricing for the moment, and we have no idea when it will be shipped, too.

[via SlashGear and ZedoMax]

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