Portable PS2 Mod By Techknott

Do you remember Techknott who’ve created the portable gamecube mod? He have done another great job turning PS2 into a handheld console shown on the following picture:


Yep, it looks pretty much like a gameboy color with dual analog stick mod. You can find the D-pad, Start, Select, triangle, circle, x and square in front, while L1, L2, R1 and R2 are placed at the rear side.


The screen is using PSone screen with original backlight, and Techknott has added a USB port and headphone jack , too! Watch the following video for more detail:

It looks pretty cool. This PS2 handheld mod is actually a request from a client. But since the client has disconnected their relationship with Techknott, he has made this cool mod for sale.

If you want it, you should be quick because such mod are always welcomed by the community!

[Modretro via Engadget]

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