Quirky Mantis LED Lamp


Quirky has a new product listed on their community website. Known as the Mantis, not that green buddy with razor sharp arms but it’s a clever design LED lamp that would shade some lights on your desktop without interfering the surrounding.

Quirky Mantis LED Lamp is designed by Clinton Fleenor. His idea is to provide illumination to our keyboards or reading desk with minimal leak to the surrounding. Means that people near you won’t be affected by the light while you can still clearly see everything under the Mantis LED Lamp.


Mantis is shape like a flying saucer on frontal view, but it’s actually a bar of 11-LED light with top clipping system where you can easily clip on laptop screen, monitor screen, iMac screen or anything else. You can also let it stand like a desk lamp for reading documents or book.


Quirky Mantis LED Lamp is currently available for $26.99, made 1500 units in total but 114 units have been sold. If you are interested and willing to fork out $26.99 to get one, you can show your support at Quirky Website.

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