iPhone 5 Image Leaked – Possibility With Larger Display When Announced

Above is the latest leaked image for the next gen iPhone 5 which touted to be available in the upcoming months. There is no certainty yet whether if iPhone 5 will get a larger display, but there are rumors that stating Apple is developing larger display for their next gen iPhone.


If the above image is credible, then the display is quite large with almost borderless at the left-right side. However, there is no comparison given in the image so we can’t actually tell how large the display will be. Hopefully, we can get something big at 4-inch or above.

In the meantime, we should put our attention to iPad 2 rumors and information as this new baby is going to hit the market in the matter of days. Looks like Apple is going to make a big come back again!

[via KnowYourMobile]

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