R4 Already Working On Hacking Nintendo 3DS With Their Cartridge System

nintendo-3ds-hacked-to-running-r4-cartridgeJust about a week after Nintendo 3DS launched, hacker has already working on the very first hack to force Nintendo 3DS to run R4 cartridges that are popular of their ability to enable homebrew and pirated games.

However, it seems there is some learning curve needed to make the current Nintendo 3DS to run the cartridge. That’s mean you must know how to hack the console before you can run the homebrew games, and not everyone knows how to program a hack.

That’s pretty a good news for Nintendo for now, but I guess their glory won’t stay for long. It’s either going to the same fate as the cat and mouse game like PSP or PS3, or be like Microsoft with their Kinect – make it an open project where everyone can develop their own codes without much restriction. :)


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