The World’s First Truly Wireless Display Announced By Fujitsu

fujitsu-truly-wireless-displayIn this week’s CeBIT 2011 exhibition, Fujitsu will showing off their new gadget which known as the World’s first truly wireless display using combination of magneto-induction technology and other wireless technologies.

What it means with the truly wireless display is that Fujitsu monitor will work with a combination of different wireless technologies, not just the matter of receiving wireless data signal from the source like what other devices have done in the past. Their Magneto-induction technology is capable of getting power from hotspots by just placing the monitor on a specially designed base.

As for the data connection, Fujitsu wireless display will be using wireless USB technology that has a range about 10 meters. Since everything will become wireless, we can imagine the wonderful sight of our workspace with zero cable lurking around!

[via Daringminds]

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