AMD Radeon HD 6990 Graphic Card Official Image

AMD has just released the official image for their new high-performing graphic card Radeon HD 6990 series. However, beside leaking the images, there is no specification details released by AMD yet.


Despite of the complete silent at AMD side, it’s been expected that Radeon HD 6990 GPU is a combination of two HD 6970 GPUs in one PCB, which lifting the memory bandwidth to 3000GB/s, 3,000+ shaders, and 4GB dedicated VRAM on single graphic card.


However, the biggest drawback is the fact that AMD Radeon HD 6990 graphic card will consume about 300w of power, alone. That’s as high as one barebone system that can do most task you throw in! If you don’t mind, you should check your PSU if it can support this upgrade or not. No idea if it can be crossfired or not, but this single card alone is already a monster!

[via Hexus]

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