Greenliant NANDrive Single Package SATA SSD


German company Greenliant has introduced us to their NANDrive single Package SATA SSD, which is the world’s first industrial-grade single package SATA SSD storage solution. Its dimension is only 14mmx24mmx1.85mm, which turn out to be one of the smallest SSD in the industry, too.

Greenliant designed this NANDrive for mediacal equipment, and it can works in the extreme temperatures from -40 degree Celcius to 85-degree Celcius, shock-resistant, capable of resisting from vibration and humidity. As for the speed, Greeliant NANDrive single package SATA SSD can run at the speed of 39MB/s for writing, and 50MB/s for reading.

[via SlashGear]

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