At Last, iPad 2 Gets Official!

After a long wait with lots of speculations and rumors floating around in the Internet, finally Steve Jobs has come to the front to straightening the mess. It turned out the rumors about the official release date of iPad 2 is true. Apple has finally lifted the red curtain and official show us to their new sexier, stronger, a little bit smarter and slimmer iPad 2!


Apparently, iPad 2 is about 33 percent thinner, 15 percent lighter, two times faster with dual-core A5 chip, whopping 9 times faster in graphical performance and all those improvement won’t cost more battery like iPad 1st Gen where it can still works well for 10-hours operation time.


However, even a dummy knows that iPad 2 cost less power than iPad 1 since the performance has increase significantly without costing more power.

Also, just like the rumor suggested, Apple iPad 2 has been equipped with dual cameras setting to allow FaceTime for iPad. That’s wonderful!


The display itself is still 9.7-inch, but it use a better LED backlighting multi-touch display with IPS technology instead of some kind like Pixel Qi display for outdoor readability. It seems Apple is not ready for that technology just yet :).


However, iPad know your needs and they’ve included Gyro, accelerometer and digital compass. Even a better, the Apple iPad 2 will be coming with a free Smart Covers to protect the screen.

This smart cover is not only has colorful choices, it can be used as a built-in iPad holder/stand. Also, Apple iPad 2 will be available in both white and black version when released.



For the best of all, Apple iPad 2 is not only better in performance, the price for iPad 2 is exactly the same as the iPad 1 where the basic model (16GB WiFi-only) at $499.

Thanks to the release of iPad 2, iPad has been slashed down to $399 only (basic model – 16GB WiFi-Only). If paying another $100 more to own a cutting edge technology is a problem for you, you can get the iPad 1st generation instead and save $100 from what it should be.

Apple iPad 2 official launch date will be on March 11. There is no pre-order page published on yet, but I assume you’ll get to the access in this week.

Now, will Apple get the same phenomenal result as what iPad has achieve in the past? This is something that is very interesting to see. I hope iPad 2 will get its glory time before the iPad 3 coming to the earth.

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