Iron Samurai – Japanese Sword + Red LED Watch


There is no sharp edge that can cut people or your wrist, but This Iron Samurai is said to be inspired by Samurai sword when making the design and finalization. Similar to what we are familiar with the TokyoFlash’s style of wrist watch, this Iron Samurai has it’s own mysterious looking face time that will hold you for a moment before you can figure out the time.

This Iron Samurai watch is using real samurai sword steel to make one. But it make no different anyway. Steel is steel. What’s make samurai sword expensive is not the sword itself, but it’s the cost to for the sword artist to keep the sword as sharp as possible.

Sword knowledge aside, you can figure out the time by looking at the bloody red LED display that shines through the narrow strait in the watch. The upper side show you the hour, while the lower digit show you minutes count.

This Iron Samurai Japanese sword inspired Red LED watch is available for $12.45 only. If you are interested, you can get one at Amazon. It also available in blue blood version if you care for an Alien race.

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