Skull Chair: Unique Chair With 3D-like Skull On Chair


I’m not a big fans of skull art, but this skull chair is pretty intriguing for me. Why? Because I saw that the skull is popping out from the chair, especially the forehead even it’s not a 3D skull or something. I can say it’s been cleverly designed to mimicked a perfect skull that beveled into the chair, but thanks to the glossy surface of the chair, I saw a 3D skull popping out. Is it only my eyes that have gone wrong? :)

Anyway, this skull chair is going to be exhibited in Nouvelle Vague at the French Cultural Centrer – Palazzo Delle Stelline – Corso Magento 63 20123 Milan on 12 to 17 April. If you have chance to get there, please check if the skull is really popping out or not. 😉

[via LikeCool]

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