Babyloid Can Cure Adults Depression and Dementia


Masayoshi Kano from Japan has recently shown off a cute looking baby robot called Babyloid that was made to be a therapeutic robot to cure depressed adults or those who suffer from dementia. It’s just like a baby, weight in 4.8 pounds, 17-inch long, can make facial expression like sadness or happiness, and this babyloid baby robot can even make sounds while moving its arms, head mouth, and eyelids.

Babyloid also coming with microphones and pyroelectric sensors that could detect people who hold it. It looks pretty cute where lonely adults might get cheer up when holding this babyloid. Sadly, babyloid is not a commercial product yet. Masayoshi Kano is doing a heavy testing right now to ensure Babyloid is fully functional and helpful for depressed seniors. When it’s available, Kano will try to sell this Babyloid for $600 a pop. Looks like a reasonable investment if it can really cure depressed.

[via CNET]

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