Sony Sales Over 41.6 Million Units of PS3 Worldwide


Over years of struggling, from losing dollars per unit to the state where they can finally earn money from selling PS3, Sony has managed to sold over 41.6 million of units of PS3 up to date. It quite a great milestone they’ve past there. About 80% of the users who bought PS3 has connected their PS3 for online content, while there are up to 70 million PSN accounts alive and kicking!

According to what the report has shown us, Sony Playstation store’s traffic has up by 60% compared to 2009, and Sony has earn roughly 70% increase in revenue.

We have also take a quick look to VGCharts to see the current (today – March 3rd, 2011) sales record. The result? Sony has sold another 6.3 million units of PS3!

That’s mean Sony is very close to beat their biggest rival, Microsoft with their Xbox 360. Just sell 4 million more units and Sony will flip the chart over to their victory.

[via PSXExtreme]

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