Swivel – Interactive Virtual Dressing Room

If you are a savvy home shopper who buy fashion stuffs like handbags, tops, dresses, or necklaces via online auction sites like eBay or online shop like Amazon, you might never have the chance to test the goods before buying, like what you’ll do with offline store. However, thanks to Facecake company you will be able to test the dresses before you buy, even it’s online!


Swivel, the new interactive Virtual Dressing Room is a revolutionary application for the future web store to provide a personal ‘fitting room’ on their online store where their prospective customer can try as much as the want before buying. Swivel will make a good use of webcam or even the latest coolest Kinect hardware from Microsoft to make the virtual dressing room as real as possible.

All you have to do is to select the category, pick up the goods of your interest and it will automatically popped into your body as if you are wearing them. Of course, since this Swivel is a newly developed technology, the quality isn’t that high yet. However, hopefully in the next years the technology will be better and providing HD-kind of fitting room to fulfill the desire of savvy online shopper.

Check out the video to see how it works:

[Video Credit: UberGizmo][Thanks, Eliane!]

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