EveryAir App: Let Your iOS Device To Play PS3 Games


Ever wanted to play PS3 games on your iPad or iPhone? Believe it or not, soon you can play them on your iOS device with the help of EveryAir App. Of course, unlike the simplicity of OnLive game system, user have to undergone a certain difficult step to get their iPad connected to PS3. Yeah, it seems you still need a PS3 machine before you can play any games on your iOS device.

Though it looks pretty cool, the company is still having some problem to tackle before they can smoothly launch their application. Like for example, to install a third party software onto PS3 which has been known to locked down from any external software unless it’s jailbroken.

There is no certainty from the company themselves about when they can launch this app for iOS device. I guess I would rather find ways to hook up OnLive system with my iPad instead of waiting for the new mobile gaming solution.

[via GadgetVenue]

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