Necono Is a Cute Spy Camera


Necono spy camera will be the best spy tool for you if your home has been decorated with animal-themed statues or ornaments. Necono is a cute cat-shaped spy camera, with the lens fitted into one of the eyes of the cat. No one will know unless you told them that little orange-strips cat statue is actually a spy cam with 3-megapixels lens.

It can take pictures and videos and store into a microSD or microSDHC card. What’s cool is that this Necono cat has a magnetic based feet, where you can stick it to anywhere possible with metal surface. Either it’s ceiling, stairs, balcony, lamp, or just about anywhere that looks natural if you want to capture people unguarded.

Even better, Necono has a separate LCD monitor attachment where you can turn the cat into a ordinary cat-themed digital camera. If you are willing to fork out $200, you can get this cute looking Necono spy camera.

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