Single Hand Socket Strip: Removing Plug Made Easy

Complaining that removing plug from the power strip is too hard? In the common sense, removing plug require you to use both of your hands to accomplish, with one hand holding the plug to pull while the other hand to keep the power strip in place. However, what if the strip is placed in a place where it’s hard to reach and it’s impossible to stuff both of your hands into the space? In this case, you’d either complain the stupidity or might hurt your fingers when trying to pull it forcefully from the strip.


Zhao Zhaohui saw this problem, so this designer has come up with a smart design called Single Hand Socket Strip.
So what’s this concept trying to accomplish? Simple, it will make removing plug from the power strip easier and can be done even it’s only with one hand.

Take a look at the following picture for more details:



See that unique tab? It will let you remove the plug easily by using your thumb and index finger. Slip in the thumb to the hollowed square and press, then the index finger will pull from the rear to the front side to lift up the tab along with the plug. Very practical and easy to use.

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