Phosphor Reveal Watch: Tell Time With Swarovski Crystals

Do you love Swarovski crystal? If so, you might want to check out this amazing timepiece designed by Phosphorwatches. It’s called Phosphor Reveal, the first watch with unique mechanical system that guarantee to blow bling-bling lovers away.


This Phosphor Reveal looks like one of the digital watch that you can find in the market, but it’s actually not one. It’s a mechanical watch that uses Micro-Magnetic mechanical digital technology to show you time by revolving the tiny Swarovski crystals in the watch. Watch the following video for more details:

Phosphor Reveal is really a neat mechanical digital watch, by using a sophisticated mechanical pulses, Phosphor Reveal can show user the time with digital style. However, there is a small ‘click’ noise when the time changes. But it exchange of a the noises, you’ve got the world’s first watch that read time with crystals. :)


Phosphor Reveal watch is available for both men and women, and it’s available in various colors like pink, red, grey or black. For more detail, you can find it at Each watch will cost you $199, which is not really a cheap timepiece that you can purchase if you are strict on budget.


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