PSPgo Price Goes Up Again? It’s $200 Now.

sony-psp-go-price-updateWonder why Sony has to adjust their pricing that often. After their announcement of NGP the nexgen portable console, Sony has dropped the price of PSPgo from $199.99 to $129.99. That was a great news for gamers who haven’t upgrade themselves with PSPgo. Even the bundled pack with games are only price at $159.99.

However, if you’ve late to notice this deal, you can’t get it anymore with the lower pricing. As of today, Sony has lifted the PSPGo price back to $199.99 again. Even the bargain master Amazon has them for $224.99 (black version) and $181.80 for the white version. Going to GameStop won’t help much either.

It seems Sony is teasing the market and there is a possibility that after NGP officially launched, PSP Go pricing will be lowered down back to $129.99.

[via GamerTell]

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