Veho Mimi: Amazing All In One Air Keyboard, Air Mouse and Game Pad

It just like PS3 DualShock 3 controller with its wireless keypad attachment, Veho Mimi is one amazing all-in-one gadget that gamers would be spoiled by its functionality. It has wireless keyboard, air mouse with built-in gyroscope for 3D interaction, and a gamepad complete with two thumbsticks, D-Pad, 4 axis and 10 fire buttons.


Veho Mimi WiFi media series wireless all in one keyboard game pad has the user definable hot keys function where you can associate each button to a different command. The gamepad itself is self powered with rechargeable battery, it has battery indicator, and will provides about 20-hours operation per 3-hours charge.

The downside that might occur is the bulky dimension and compatibility. Gamers love light but solid gamepad when playing games. It’s a good idea to have all stuff made in one like this Veho Mimi, but if the overall weight is a burden to their hands, they might just want to stick with the old game controller instead. Also, this gamepad is only compatible with HTPC system, not on PS3 or Xbox 360 console.


However, if bulky stuff is your favorite and you love to turn your HTPC into a gaming system, you can check out more on this Veho Mimi all-in-one wireless gamepad at Firebox. It’s only £89.99 per unit.

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