Logitech z906 Surround Sound Speakers

If Sony SRS-D series PC speakers doesn’t fit your needs, Logitech speakers might be just for you. Logitech has been an old player in PC speaker system and If I remember, I’ve own one of them since decade ago. They produces amazing sound quality and deep bass, and for the best of all, the price won’t break the bank.


Recently, Logitech has just announced a new series of speaker system that looks pretty solid and amazing. Known as Logitech z906 Surround Sound Speakers, it’s a 5.1 (5 satellites) Surround Audio System that come complete with a wireless remote and a stackable control console.

If you have been armed with a great quality multimedia laptop like Sony F series, this Logitech z906 surround speaker with add much more deepness to your movie-watching experiences, or even gaming would become better with its surround effects. Logitech z906 has been equipped with one side-firing subwoofer that deliver 165W of pure distortion-free bass effect to your eardrums.

It sounds amazing, however, this time Logitech is going to break the bank because z906 surround speakers has been priced deep at $349.99.

[via Logitech via Geeky Gadgets]

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