Samsung To Roll Out 8.9-inch Galaxy Tab [78910]

If you have been following up Samsung with their new product release, you may have come to know that this company is going to held a special event in this March 22nd.


Although there is no much information offered from them, but there is an expectation that Samsung will round out the new generation of Galaxy Tab with bigger screen. This new tablet device is rumored to have 8.9-inch and the latest photo tip has shown us that Galaxy Tab 8.9-inch has rough backplate surface and mysterious bulge with circle at the sideways. Could it be a power button or unkonwn new feature?

Still, it’s just a speculation that we can’t take it real. There is a hidden meaning behind that “78910” number that might indicate something else. I guess only time can tell the truth. Just wait for it in this March 22.

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