Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play – You Can Buy It At eBay Now!

Want to be the first guy in the neighborhood to own the newest Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play even it’s not released yet? Well, you can buy the at eBay now, for a hefty price.


So why do this seller has got the device even it’s not released yet? It’s because they got it for free from GDC last week. Sony has given away a number of XPERIA play device and these folks decided to sell the off instead of keeping it.

Of course, since you can consider the item as a special edition, the auction price for Sony XPERIA Play at eBay has float to $1,025 with 32 bidders (when this post published). That is certainly expensive if you are merely want to be the first to own the device. I bet the seller is very happy with the price that people dare to pay for something they get for free. :)


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