Sony Unveils Three New PC Speakers


Sony, the old player in consumer electronic market has just announced three set of new speakers series aimed for the desktop and gaming users. They are known as SRS-A3, SRS-D4 and SRS-D5. To categorize them properly, Sony SRS-A3 alone is made for desktop PC user who loves to have a broad workspace as the speaker won’t take up much space. Meanwhile, Sony SRS-D4 and SRS-D5 is aiming for gaming users or those who want a good sound system for their multimedia system.



According to Sony, both SRS-D4 and SRS-D5 are new models that offers increasing level of output power and bass response so the customer can choose the best fit for them. Not all audio speakers are created equal and not all users want the same thing. That’s why Sony, the company who’ve acknowledged this need has come with their extensive range of speaker system to meet the needs.

We have no idea yet on how much Sony will set the price for SRS-D3, SRS-D4 and SRS-D5. But if Sony do care about the quality, you should expect to pay a lot for them.

More details of Sony SRS-D3, Sony SRS-D4 and Sony SRS-D5 are available at Sony.

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