Twist360 Let You Hold Your iPad In Every Possible Ways

2 more days and you’ll get to see the iPad 2 circulating in the street with geeks holding them proudly. However, it doesn’t mean iPad 1 is going to be ignored as not everyone is ready to jump and make the upgrade. With millions of iPad users in the world, this market is still pretty lucrative to explore for accessories maker. That’s why has launched their Twist360 case for iPad that looks pretty unique and interesting.


Just from seeing the image above, you might have figured out what’s this Twist360 iPad case is capable of. Twist360 case is not only functional as protector, it also offering an integrated TwistGrip as the rear side that let you handle your iPad in any possible ways. The TwistGrip has a handle with a base that can turn 360-degree, and user can also fold it to make it as a stand. If you are creative enough, you might also found ways to use this Twist360 to hang your iPad on the wall using the handle on the TwistGrip.

Twist360 iPad case is only $59.95 a pop. If you want one you can get it on

[via GadgetsIn and TechMagNews]

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