ScentScape and GameSkunk Let You Smells Your Game


Your gaming PC is the strongest of all and you have equipped it with the most cutting edge 3D technology and display to make the game pop-out. The reason is of course, to enhance the gaming experience and make it more immersive. But if you think it’s not enough ‘real’ for you gaming experience, you can try to invest your money on both ScentScape or GameSkunk from Scent Science and Sensory Acumen that will let you ‘smell’ your games like you are in the event of the game. Both ScentScapt and GameSkunk will let you smell the rain forest when your character are lurking around the jungle, or smelling the battlefield when playing FPS war games.

The ScentScape and GameSkunk, although they are two different product, they are using the similar technology. Inside the device there is a place to heat up an oil cartridge that will produce scent according to the environment in the game. It sounds interesting, but there is no mention what game will be supported yet.

The ScentScape is available now for $60, while the GameSkunk will be available mid 2011 for $70.

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