We Can Manufacture Our Own Stuff Within a Decade


Believe it or not, within just a decade, we as a consumer will have the ability to manufacture our own stuff like a factory. Of course, you might deny the fact that we will have such kind of ability. However, CEO of EADS U.K has agreed about this matter and he has showed an unique nylon-based material bicycle that was “printed” using 3D printer.

Of course, it’s not a common 3D printer with its fragile materials. The 3D printer should have the ability to produce a strong material for the prototype that you can ride on like the bicycle above. That’s mean in the future, if we can really produce equipment by ourselves, than what could be the future merchandise is the data, the designs or anything digital that you can transfer to your future 3D printer to produce your own stuffs. It sounds light a great future we have here.

[via UberGizmo]

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