Intel and Lenovo Releases Classmate+ PC Netbook For Children

Both Intel and Lenovo has teamed up and they’ve just announced the new Kid’s PC called Classmate+ PC. Aiming for students in grades K through 8, this Classmate+ PC is not only lightweight, it’s pretty strong basic PC system that has been powered by Intel Atom N455 CPU, 1 or 2GB RAM, Intel NM10 Express chipset, 16GB SSD or 250GB HDD.


What’s the key features to Classmate+ PC is the durability. It has a rugged protection that could protect the system from drops and it’s also has a spill resistant keyboard. Well you know, it’s just too hard to ask your kids to be careful with their stuffs. It’s easier to get something that is rugged enough for them and Classmate+ PC will be a great kickstart PC system for their education.

No idea how much it would cost and when it will be available.

[via New Launches]

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