Voltitude Electric Bike It’s A Swiss Army Bike That Folds In Seconds

A Swiss Army knife. Every one should be familiar with this incredible useful tool. But that’s not what we are talking about in this article. We are mentioning Swiss Army knife because this Voltitude electric bike looks so much like one. It has a red case enclosing all of the electronic parts and battery, while it’s foldable easily (in the matter of seconds) and portable as a Swiss Army Knives. 8)


This electric bike pretty cool, like a mini scooter with small wheels. This little cutey can speeding at 15.5mph or about 25kph and the onboard battery is good for 12 to 25 miles per full charge. It sounds like a great bike to ride in the neighborhood without emitting any dangerous gas to hurt the Mother Nature. But the speed might just too slow. Well, can’t help it because it’s been limited by Swiss and EU legislation that the speed shouldn’t pass 15.5mph. But if you got a good feet pump, you can achieve faster mph by your own foot works that sounds pretty healthy and energetic.


When you think you’ve done with it, you can easily fold it up with one hand lift on the black strap. As for the battery matter, once the juice has been depleted, it can be recharged to full in just four hours. Also, the charging process will also refill the power of LED lighting at the front and rear to help users riding in the dark street.


Sadly, the price for this Voltitude Electric Bike is not yet announced. However, if you want to be the first to know when it will be available, you can register yourself at their pre-order page and they will notify you when this Swiss Voltitude Electric Bike has become available.

[via Gizmag]

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