Doortop Stash – Project To Create Uncommon Spot To Hide Your Stuffs


Have you ever look at your door’s top edge when trying to find your lost thing? Well, no one would have thought about that area when trying to find their stuff. But it’s also one of the very best opportunity to hide your stuff there. The most dangerous spot is the safest spot. Sean Michael Ragan has blogged about the door’s top sweet hidden spot that you can consider to hide your important stuffs there. It’s a part of Makeprojects and I think it’s pretty cool.

It takes no rocket science to do. This project is called Doortop Stash, taking the advantages of the door’s thickness, you can actually make a deep hole and insert a tube-like storage where you can hide your keys, USB flash drive, or emergency money.


What does the top edge of say, your utility closet door look like? I’m betting that you’ve never seen it, even if you’ve lived in your home for awhile. And although there’s not a lot of room to hide stuff in there, well, if you’re like me, the stuff you want to hide is usually on the smaller side. Not many people think of the space inside the door as a hiding spot, but it’s right there in easy reaching distance when you need to get to it. And it’s devious enough that, yes, I think this trick will still be effective even after I blog it all over the web.

You’ll need a suitable hollow-core interior door, a cigar tube, a few tools, and some other odds ‘n’ ends.


You can find the details at MakeProjects if you wish to make one.

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