iPhone Desktop Handset

Hammacher recently has stocked a new iPhone Desktop Headset that could turn your iPhone into a casual hi-tech corded telephone just by plugging the headset into your iPhone’s 3.5mm headphone jack.


This is the stand that transforms an iPhone into a more comfortable desktop handset phone. With the handset in one hand, your other hand is free to navigate an iPhone’s applications, such as calendars, e-mail, and the Internet. The headset plugs into an iPhone’s headphones jack; the iPhone can charge from a computer or wall outlet via your USB charging cable and adapter while the headset is powered by your iPhone’s battery. The anodized aluminum stand places an iPhone at a convenient angle and stays secure on a desktop using four non-slip silicone pads. The platform accommodates an iPhone vertically or horizontally, with or without a protective case; works with any cell phone with a standard earbud jack.

This iPhone Desktop Handset is available for $59.95 at Hammacher.

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