OS Japan Intros Retractable Portable Solar Power System

Despite of the worsening condition in Japan after tsunami and earthquake, they are still rolling out amazing gadget to impress the world. OS, a company in Japan has just introduced their newest portable solar power system that you can carry around when travelling, and the best of all, it can be retracted and rolled into a small cartridge-like storage.


If you want to be techie, this Retractable portable solar power system is called GSR-110B, has 3kb in weight, capable of generating up to 40Watts of power, where 16Watts taken from the solar panel (solar sheet that could be rolled and retracted) and the rest 24Watts is from the built-in battery.

More impressive feature that GSR-110B has is the ability to link with other GSR-110B unit and combine their power and provides up to 80Watts in total. It would be cool if we can link up as many unit as possible to obtain the wattage that we need. Sadly, it seems OS Japan’s Portable solar power system is only capable of dual linking instead of continuous expansion.

Above anything, Such technology will be extremely useful when in emergency condition like today. With the power plant exploded and radiation emitted, I hope Japan will learn from this tragedy and begin their journey to build a greener country from the rising sun powered by solar panel installed on all home in Japan.

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