Facebook Style Like and Dislike Stamper Set

Although I can’t tell exactly how these Facebook style Like or Dislike Stamp set will help you, they did have their own uniqueness that you can’t find it selling elsewhere other than on PerpetualKid.


Like or Dislike? The power in now yours in the real world! Preloaded with enough ink for 5,000 “ker-chunks”, the stamps give you the ability to emphatically thwack your opinion on tangible objects … in the physical world.

Second season of LOST on DVD? Dislike! Homework on a Friday night? Dislike! Cease and desist letters? Dislike! Parking tickets? Dislike! Pictures of kittens? Like!

Each stamp measures 3 inches tall x 2.5 inches wide.

This set of Like and Dislike (complete with the thumbs) is available for $12.99 at PerpetualKid.

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