Cubitek Tank Series PC Gaming Cases Unveiled

If you have been searching for sturdy case for your PC system, these new Cubitek Tank Series should get into your research list. Cubitek, who previously have launched Sturdy Steel XL Tank PC case have added another two Tank series PC case known as HPTX Tank and Mini Tank.


Above is the HTPX Tank PC case. As for the appearance, I should say HTPX Tank and XL Tank is similar. Except the Mini Tank series illustrated below that is aiming for a microATX system with small motherboard size.


All of these new Cubitek Tank Series PC cases are created with black hairline-brushed anodized aluminum, all have USB 3.0 ports, eSATA and HD+AC97 audio. These Tank series PC chassis have also supported high-end graphic cards, which mean you can ensure that the GPU card will get the sufficient power supply and installing huge sized GPU has been well-considered.

The XL-Tank, the HPTX-Tank, and the Mini-Tank are all made with black, hairline-brushed anodized aluminum and able to accept high-end VGA cards, including the ATI Radeon™ HD 5970. Painstakingly designed, the Tank series computer chassis are built to give gamers and enthusiasts the silence, functionality, and sexiness of high-end all-aluminum cases at reasonable prices.

There are no pricing details other than that “reasonable prices” mentioned at the PR. It could be $100, or $200 at most if we are talking about a “reasonable price”. Also, Cubitek haven’t announced when they are going to release these Tank series PC chassis to the market.

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