RoboTouch: Using NES controller to Play Games on iPad

I’ve seen a joystick attachment for iPad, but I have never seen a console controller used as iPad game pad before. A cool guy at ProtoDojo has created a ‘hack’ called RoboTouch to play games on iPad using NES controller. At first, I thought the NES controller is connected direct to the iPad connector with cable hack and using special custom developed app to functional. However, I was wrong.


RoboTouch is actually a kind of robotic hack that uses several servo motors to make interaction on the iPad screen. The NES controller is not connected direct to the iPad, but it’s hooked up with an Arduino board, and the board are connected to servo motors with arms, where those arms will be functional as a ‘fingers’ to knock and press on the iPad screen. Once you push the button at the NES controller, a corresponded servo motor will move to touch the screen.

Pretty cool, but switching between games would be painful as we have to move and readjust the setting again.

[Source: UberGizmo]

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