Roxio Game Capture: Gaming Scene Recording Made Easy

What’s make gaming exciting is not just about how cool the game is. What make them best is the when gamer can share their achievement easily with their friends, offline or online. If it’s all about offline, gamers can invite their group of friends to their house to show off their game play. However, how about online? Of course, the answer is through a YouTube video channel. The problem is, no every gamers are techie enough to do their own recording, especially if they don’t have the tool.


To troubleshoot this problem, Roxio has just rolled out their Game Capture and PC Game Capture bundle (hardware and software) to make every gamer an avid video recording expert.

Roxio game capture adapter will act as a ‘bridge’ between your console and display, where the adapter has a USB output to PC for the recording purpose. Roxio Game Capture software itself can record all gaming scenes in real time, and it let you edit, narrate, and share them online to YouTube or Facebook.

Roxio Game Capture is compatible with Xbox 360, PS3 or console with component input. Below is how you connected the adapter to make it work:


Roxio Game Capture looks interesting, but what has turned me down is that there are no HDMI support, and the display should be HDTV type that has component cable connection. If not, you have to purchase a separated DVI-to-component or VGA-to-Component cable before you can actually hook it up with your PC LCD monitor. If there is a HDMI port, such matter won’t exist.

Roxio haven’t announced when it will be available and what the pricing will be. Judging from the features and bundle, it shouldn’t get over $200 mark.

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