Samsung To Offer 3D Video Streaming: Be Cherish, Samsung 3DTV Owners!


You have purchased the latest Samsung 55-inch 3D LED TV with your hard earned money but still, you can’t enjoy the fullest of what your LED TV is capable of. But luckily, soon enough Samsung is gonna make you happy with their 3D video streaming where you can watch full HD 3D movie through a TV broadcast. That’s mean, you can enjoy the 3D experience whenever you want just by subscribing to this special service and it’s viewable through the 3D application on Samsung’s Smart TV platform.

Samsung has partnered with DreamWorks Animation to offers handful of high-quality 3D movies to be served to the channel. That’s including film like Megamind, How To Train Your Dragon and Sherk 3D.

Although it’s been stated that Korea will be the first country to get this option, but both US and Europe are in the queue line for this amazing 3D service. However, for the kickstart party, it’s expected that subscribers will be served with movie trailers, music videos, education films first before the premium movies rolling in.

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