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Eton TurboDyne Axis (ARCPT300W) Emergency Weather Radio

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Do you remember that TurboDyne Axis weather radio from Eton that we introduced back in January? This TurboDyne Axis emergency gadget is now available to purchase at Amazon if you are looking for one.

Eton TurboDyne Axis, or also known as ARCPT300W is a multi-purpose survival gadget that has built-in flashlight and battery-powered emergency radio. In fact, Eton TurboDyne Axis can be powered by three different sources, including dynamo/hand crank to recharge the Ni-MH battery, or use three AAA batteries, or you can plug it directly to the AC/USB adapter.

Eton TurboDyne Axis’s radio is supporting all seven NOAA weather band channels and it has included a AM/FM tuner. If you want one, you can buy it for $69.99 at Amazon right now. Sadly, there is no discount deal at the moment.

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