Koziol Pip Clock – The Beauty Of Simplicity


Koziol Pip Clock is all about the simplicity of linking numbers into a circle, and make it as beautiful clock with artistic touch.

Taking a casual approach to telling the time, the stylish Koziol Pip Clock brings a touch of nature to any room. Jumbled in a higgledy mess, the laid-back layout makes telling the time as pleasant as a woodland walk. Look closer and you’ll even notice a few animals frolicking amongst the numbers. The perfect way to brighten your walls or loosen up a stark space.


This beautiful looking Koziol Pip Clock is available in two color choices, black for gents and pink for ladies.

Care to get one? This Koziol Pip Clock is available for $59 or £36.99 at Firebox. Don’t forget to get a battery since this clock is not run on solar power. :)

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