PS3 Move Battle Rifle – Add More Fun To Your PS3 Shooting Games!

Looking for a better gaming solution with your PS3 shooting games? Playing KillZones series, Socom (upcoming game), or Time Crisis Razing Stroms on your PS3 with Playstation Move is interesting. However, it’s sometimes a pain when you have to lift both controllers to imitate that you are hold a AK-47 gun, but you are actually not. You’ll have to put lots of stress on your shoulder and arms, which might cause RSI that is bad for your health.

To solve this, lots of third party makers have developed their own cradle with gun shape to help you feel the game, and at the same time to decrease the stress as you are holding a real gun (instead of virtual gun).


By far, I saw this PS3 Move Battle Rifle is one of the best attachment for Playstation Move. PS3 Move Battle Rifle has been designed exclusively for shooting games, where you can enjoy your games like you are actually want it in the battlefield. This PS3 Move Battle Rifle has a textured grip for extra control and comfortability. You can slot-in your PS Move controller and one sub-controller at the lower handle for navigation.

What’s best of this PS3 Move Battle Rifle is the capability to break-Away the design and modify the gun’s appearance. You can transform this cradle into five types of gun for your battle, including:

  • Short Pistol
  • UZI/Guncon
  • Short AK-47
  • Pulse cannon
  • M-16-like Gun


You can break it down to any five of the above gun models to rock your game. Of course, every product has its own disadvantages. According to some gamers, This PS3 Move Battle Rifle is some what tricky when trying to reach some buttons, like switching back and forth between L1 and L2 buttons. But overall, this PS3 Move Battle Rifle is a nice addon for your PS3 Move.

Where to buy? I saw that Amazon is selling this PS3 Move Battle Rifle for $29.99. While you are there, take a look at the users review to find out the detail Pros and Cons before getting one.

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