Sauron – TokyoFlash Inspired LED Watch

Chinavasion has created a watch that looks so much like the one we usually appear in Tokyoflash inventory. Dubbed as Sauron, this unique watch has that Alien-tech inside that make life difficult, especially want to figure out what time it is. :)


Chinavasion Sauron LED Watch is said to be inspired by Japanese, or perhaps it’s someone from Tokyoflash that run to China to expand their expertise. Sauron is futuristic, equipped with blue and red LED lights, and finished with Dark Paladin Armor bracelet.

Do you have what it takes to wear The Sauron? Press the top button and after some animation, you’ll be shown some blue parallelograms. Each blue parallelogram equals 1 hour. Press the button again, and you’ll be shown red parallelograms and red triangles. Each red parallelogram equals 5 minutes. Each red triangle equals 1 minute.

Example: So 2 blue parallelograms, 2 red parallelograms, 1 red triangle equals what time? 2:11am.


Chinavasion Sauron Japanese inspired LED watch is currently selling for $10.71 only. Of course, you can think it as a “budget version” of Tokyoflash watch which usually cost above $100 mark. It’s nice that you don’t have to fork out a lot of money to get one.

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