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Vegue Clock – Wall Clock With Vague Face

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Korea designer Sejoon Kim is trying to be unique, so he have come up with an interesting clock design that looks like a huge size of mentos candy.


This wall clock has been dubbed as Vegue Clock, which apparently has a vague clock face. You can only see the clock hands in blur mode. However, that’s not how you use this Vegue clock. According to the designer, this Vegue clock concept is having a flexible face where you can push them to reveal the time. See the following image for details:


The hands of the clock are hidden behind a layer of stretchy fabric, and remain invisible as the time ticks away. So if you actually want to see the time you have to get up and press your hand into the fabric so that it stretches over the hands, making them visible” And it also equipped with GPS hardware so that the time is always accurate, no buttons or dials allowing it to be manually adjusted.


[via OhGizmo]
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